Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Thought or Two

A Thought or Two

No posting for five whole days?

Where is Tommy on this Thursday, where he wakes up around 4:30 with thoughts whirling in his head?

I find myself on the last couple of days of work before I start vacation. It's the closest I get anymore to that feeling of "senioritis," where you know you're coming to the end of the road and it gets harder and harder to find motivation. Which is a problem, considering the biggest part of my job is motivating people.

My job's got me in a little bit of a funk, if you want the truth. Has for a while. It comes largely down to this: I've never been one who's believed that your job should define who you are. But if you look over the past couple of years, mine has done exactly that. I've cancelled more plans with friends, rearranged my schedule more times, lost more sleep over this stupid little job of mine than really is allowable, if I'm going to take that philosophical course of thought.

I'm taking a couple of courses this fall. Long distance learning, type of things. I'd like to get back in the classroom again, but the work schedule didn't allow for it spring before last. At least with an online course, I can do the course work in my own time, and feel like I'm moving toward a different milepost down that path.

An opportunity's possibly coming up, one where I might be able to cut back my responsibilities a touch. It would take a cut in pay, and that's the tough one. It shouldn't be about money, but I've worked hard to get myself out of debt over the past little while, I'm actually enjoying my ability to put a little money back, and not have anything other than housing and a vehicle payment over my head--and that latter not for a whole lot longer.

What I keep telling myself is that the step down would be a cut in aggravation, and would see an increase in spare time. Case in point: It's friggin' August, and this weekend will be the first Tennessee Smokies game of the season I'll see--and the Double A regular season ends in September. I was stoked when they became the Cubs' Double A affiliate. This weekend will be the first game I see up in Kodak this year.

What I'll have to convince myself of, should this opportunity come to light is that it would also increase my ability to go back to school and go have a social life while still earning a living. The trick is to not let myself get tunnel vision, or be shortsighted, and actually make the choice between shitting or getting off the pot.

Just going to have to discuss my options, I reckon. Find out what they all are, and get them laid out on a table.


A couple other odds and ends:

Went to see The Simpsons Movie last night. I enjoyed it, on the whole. Thought it maintained a good level of energy throughout, and hit all the right notes with the major characters (i.e. they kept "Jerkass Homer" to a minimum).

Plus, I've been singing "Spider-Pig" to myself all night last night, and all morning since I got up.

That might turn from a positive to a negative before it's all said and done.


How long was the movie Pathfinder in theaters? I don't even remember seeing it, even after seeing trailers and posters and standees up at theaters for it for months (stretching maybe even into years.)

I got it from Netflix this week.

I'm a sucker for movies about the Norsemen. Thirteenth Warrior? Cheesy yet Awesome. Erik the Viking? Terribly underrated.

This one's alright, given my already mentioned affinity for Viking movies. Lots of mindless action. Pretty gory. But on the whole, it wasn't bad. It just surprised me to see it coming up on DVD from Netflix, considering that I was still kind of waiting to see it pop up in theaters.

Which leads me back to the beginning topic of this post--maybe if I weren't so mother loving busy at that job of mine, I'd look up and see that there's a world outside the walls of a grocery store, from time to time.


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