Sunday, October 21, 2007

Notes this Sunday Evening

Notes this Sunday Evening

A bullet point look at my life this Sunday evening.

  • I cannot check my e-mail this evening. Log in Difficulties. This is somewhat irksome, though not pressing. There's some manner of difficulty on their end. I'm hoping it's cleared up soon. If you're trying to e-mail me and expecting an immediate response, that's why there's not one coming.
  • Just watched Coco Crisp slam into the wall to finish the Cleveland Indians off in the ALCS. Don't have any particular leanings for the World Series. I'm impressed and amazed at the Rockies' run over the past month. But I like the Sox, too. These things are always easier when you have a Yankees or a Cardinals team to root against.....
  • Took the opportunity of a day off to take a nap. Not a "go out and get 'em" attitude, definitely, but considering the lack of slow days I've had over the past several weeks, I think falling asleep on the couch watching football is a fine, fine alternative.
  • That's not to say the nap wasn't disorienting, especially from a football point-of-view. I fell asleep just after the start of the Titans/Texans second half, with the Titans handily in the lead. I awoke with my phone ringing, just in time to see the Texans go ahead with scant seconds to go. To nobody in particular, I had to say "the hell?"
  • I try to be an optimist, but there's a part of me that grumbles at Rob Bironas breaking the single-game Field Goal record...but if they'd managed to push it to the end zone a couple more times, they wouldn't have had the issues they did today with the Texans going insane in the fourth quarter.
  • Josh Beckett looks like my neighbor from across the street. Good for him

Tommy sleep now....


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