Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Morning

Thursday Morning

I think of Drew Carey on The Price is Right as I would buying a new pair of boots.

See, you've just bought a new pair of boots. You know that you wear size 14 boots, and you know that these boots are size 14. You put these boots on, and they'll work, but they don't feel the same. Just a little alien. But you know that it just takes a little bit of use, a little bit of wear, and perhaps one big painful blister on the side of the ball of your foot, to find the proper synergy between boot and foot.

Sometimes it takes a little time.

I watch Drew Carey, and I know that he's got a big pair of boots to fill. I would wager that Bob Barker's role on Price as Right was as tied to the show's identity as was Johnny Carson's with The Tonight Show. It's just gonna take some time.


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