Thursday, December 20, 2007



Hello? Do you know a lot of words?

I don't.

I found this out by playing Free Rice. Which purports to give rice to starving people based on your correct answers. So, the bigger your vocabulary, the more people get rice. Simple concept, huh? So, that means the dumber you are, the more people starve. Serves you right. You could read a book, or watch a show that takes a brain to watch, but just ponied up to the boob tube three times a week to watch that Karaoke contest on Fox while the Chinese brain themselves up enough to smash us into oblivion.

And I say that as the guy who's probably spent a year of his life watching men in spandex pretend to fight. Sometimes, it's not which rock you use to throw in the glass house, it's the vitriol you use to hurl it...

For me, though, the game is just another reason to cuss. As it stands, on any given day, I have a working vocabulary of right around 75 words.

Mostly it's me sounding out the world, and then picking the Third Option.

A lot like the SAT's. God bless those state schools.

I bashed it, but I will say that Pro Wrestling is directly responsible for my knowing two of the words. Imbroglio, I learned from one Gordon Solie. And the word Occipital? That's a Gorilla Monsoon favorite.....


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