Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cub Blogging

Cub Blogging

I wonder the last time I actually did a Chicago Cubs-related blog post. Probably early in the last season. I latched onto a bit of self-centric uber-paranoia, where I came to believe that any mention of the boys in blue on this page tended to be the catalyst for a Cub losing streak.


What followed was a display of will-power unmatched over the course of my life. If I could find a way to funnel that manner of neurosis to curb my love of Wendy's....

Anyway. I've been following with a touch of skepticism this whole Kosuke Fukudome thing. Granted, I've been hollering most of my natural born fandom for the Cubs to find a solid left handed bat to plant in the middle of the order. But...and call me a me me quietly pessimistic. Yeah, you got your Ichiro, and your relative success of Hideki and Kaz Matsui. I just still think of the guys from Japan still as unproven commodities.

Not smart, probably, given the evidence. But I never once claimed to be smart. That said, I'm just not going to go nuts over planting the guy in right field.

But, I'm not unhappy. A left-handed bat? Like I said, I've been praying to Jeebus. And my parents' dogs would be an improvement over the free-swinging, slow and decrepit mess we've had out in right since Sammy left.

And on the interweb, I can only think of one feller who surpassed my personal anti-Sammy sentiments....

Anyway. I want to voice one more opinion: the hot stove season drives me nuts. We're 100+ days still away from actual baseball that counts being played. And somehow, that seems quite unfair....

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