Thursday, March 20, 2008



Well, now that we're (hopefully) on the downside of this cosmic sick that's kept me below the water line for right around two weeks now....

The tournament's started. Not a big basketball fan, but I do dig the tournament....

My final four? North Carolina, Wisconsin, Texas and UCLA, with North Carolina upending UCLA to win the whole dealeo.

Didn't pick many upsets, this year. Picked a couple of 10 seeds to go over seven seeds, and an 11 over a six, but I don't have any of those going spectacularly far. Though, I will say that when I filed out my bracket, I was still on a bit of the high of watching Georgia tear through the SEC last weekend, I dwelled a bit on picking them over Xavier.

But, I figure they'll remember that they're Georgia, and they suck, before too long.

Anyway. I've got some O.J. I've got some doctor prescribed Narcotics that make me pretty loopy. Figure I'll nap most of the day, see if I can get this junk licked while I watch the basketball.


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