Sunday, March 09, 2008

In which he has the crud

In which he has the crud...

I believe in jinxes. I know I shouldn't. I should know that most actions do not have a negative impact, and that most especially, words do not lead to ill effects.

I should know that.

But witness my relectance to mention the Chicago Cubs on the pages of this blog. Every time I did last year, they went on to lose two. I stopped mentioning them, and they made the playoffs....go figure....

I made mention on Erica's blog the other evening that I'd managed to avoid the bulk of the galloping crud that's gone around work. I said that I'd carried around a low-grade sinus problem all winter, and theorized that it had protected me from the bigger, badder sicks out there this cold and flu season.

Well, no sooner spoken than broken, I guess the saying says.

That was Wednesday night that I made that statement.

I woke up Thursday feeling a little tired. A little stuffy. The weather changes around these parts like I change socks. I blame that for the bulk of my nasal issues this winter. No the span of 48 hours earlier this week, I went from wearing shorts and a t-shirt to three layers of shirts by the close of business the next night, with a heavy dose of rain gear in between.

But I digress. Thursday. Tired, stuffy. Took some Aleve Sinus, felt fine. Came home from work that night, tired, and starting to feel little stuffy in the chest, too. I was watching Lost that night, and really needing to go to bed, damning Ben Linus and the writers of Lost for keeping me up in the process.

Friday? The hammer fell. I have honestly not felt that bad in a long time. Head. Chest. Achy back and hips. "The flu," I said.

I went in to work, hoping that I could walk it off. To no avail. I left early. Came home, slept. Got up, ate half a bowl of chili, and slept for eleven hours.

Saturday morning, I was no better.

I did the unthinkable.

For the first time in about three years, I tried to call in. I knew the chances of there being coverage were slight. I told my boss that if there was no other way, I could come in, just not to expect much out of me. They were able to re-arrange schedules so that I worked a 7 hour shift instead of a 10...which might sound like a bear (and in some ways, was), but feeling like I did, seven is much less than ten. Add an hour's drive time to that, and it made a world of difference.

I did actually get stuff accomplished at work. Sit down work. Paperwork. The stuff I usually lag behind on, simply because I hate sitting to do it.

Was able to trade shifts for today. Which is good, because I was scheduled to open after closing....a rough turn, made even rougher when you realize the time changed last night. Feeling like I did, coming back in on four hours sleep just wasn't an option.

I slept 10 hours. Feel some better this morning. The aches aren't as bad, and my chest doesn't burn with every breath. Still can't breathe, and I've got a headache that pounds if I turn my head the wrong way too quickly. But, I think I'm on the downside.

Which is good. A candyass like me can't be spending this much time sick.


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