Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wood: My don't time fly

Wood: My don't time fly...

I dunno. Just hit me that this season will be 10 years since Kerry Wood set the world on fire and struck out 20 Houston Astros. 10 years of rooting for the guy despite his seeming constitution of a limp dill pickle. Yeah, there was part of me that was happy to hear he's closing down games (something a lot of us first thought about the time John Smoltz was doing the same for the Braves.)

There's also part of me that's saying he's hurt for the season by Memorial Day.

Such is the life of a Cubs fan.

And then there's the whole deal where I'm a little pissed we let Jon Lieber go in the first place. We couldn't have taken a flyer on the elbow? Let him heal up? He only threw eight hundred innings a year...


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