Friday, March 21, 2008



One of the little things I've noticed during these last couple of weeks, when I've been varying degrees of cruddy: My Patience for Humanity = Nill.

Had to go to the post office yesterday, to take care of some Ebay obligations. There was one window open, and the lady was dragging a small child with her. I'd put the child somewhere around three and a half or four. While the lady took care of her business, the toddler was repeating the phrase "Momma, Please!" over and over and over and over and over....

I didn't even know what she was "Momma, please-ing." I just knew that had I been the three year old, and my folks been the parents, I could have added the Post Office to the long list of public places where I got an attitude adjustment.

Also, can I ask this?

Why don't we, in the year 2008, have everybody trained about how loudly they need the earpiece on their mobile phones set? Do i honestly need to hear both ends? Please, lady in line behind me...we've finally just about gotten everybody trained that the "walkie talkie" feature's pretty obnoxious...could you please catch up with the curve?

Need a subway people around here to correct everybody's manners.


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