Wednesday, September 09, 2009



I need new boots.

This is of some irritation to me.

I bought new boots not six months ago.

How, you ask, did you come to need new boots in just six months?

Actually, I do not need new boots personally.

The boots I wear on a workly basis are in wonderful condition. I enjoy them very much. They are the same model of Wolverines that I wore for three years, prior to the right sole splitting last Christmas Eve (a fact I did not figure out until I wandered out into the rainy evening after the store closed). These shoes are in wonderful condition. They are comfortable, and they support my feet.

When you are hovering around the weight of your average Defensive Lineman, and you (as a necessity of employment) stand on your feet for 10-13 hours at a time....good, quality, supporting shoes are a plus.

I do enjoy my Wolverines.

They have one fault, though.

They are the wrong color.

I toiled for a little while, trying to find a way to write a post that would somehow equate a new dress code at work to racism, paraphrasing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech saying shoes should not be judged by the color of their skins....

But some days, I'm just not that talented.

Gotta go get some black boots at work. Because apparently my spine will curl if I wear the wrong color shoes.

Truth be told, though, it does look a touch retarded wearing the brown shoes underneath a black pair of slacks. Not that I have ever been one much for keeping up any particular appearance....

Still, and sadly I note, the model boot my Wolverines come in do not come in black.

So, today, I wander north in search of quality boots.

Pray for me, people.


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