Thursday, March 11, 2010

An odd dream....

Let me say this, first. There was a time in my life where it wasn't a thing to go in to work or school or whatthehell ever on a couple hours sleep. I'm not sure when that time ended, but I know it's not even within distance to hit with a handful of gravel at this point. Stayed up finishing George Carlin's Last Words, and found myself wishing very much his one-man Broadway show had come to fruition in his lifetime.

The problem with reading a good book before bed, however, is that I end up wanting to stay up to read.

And as such, I wander into work on 3 hours of sleep, which is difficult when you're as big and stupid as me. I'm like a sasquatch in a tie even on the best days, but on 3-hours-sleep, my patience for stupidity isn't near what it should be, given that I work in a customer service environment.

But I'm wandering off my point...

My alarm work me out of the middle of a deep sleep, and out of an odd sort of dream. The kind of dream that it takes a minute to shake off, not necessarily because of what's happened, or who's in it. More than that, it's like walking in from the cold, or the dark.

I only remember a few things from the dream. I'm going to pick up a letter from the post office. To access my mailbox, I have to stand in line. I get up to the front of the line, and my mailbox comes shooting out of a hole in the wall, just above the counter. I open it, and there is a letter. I take the letter out, and can see through my mailbox, into the back room. Keep in mind, my "mailbox" is like a shoebox that has come from the back room. It was delivered to me, much like a package, or a safety deposit box. Yet, I can see through it to the back room. Through my mailbox, one of my co-workers is looking at me.

That co-worker tells me "I've turned heel," and I hear him start to bust up the back room of the post office. I leave the post office, saying into my mailbox "I'm a heel, too."

The only other bit, the bit right as my alarm is going off: I'm riding in a cargo plane. As we're flying, the cargo bay door, the type used for John Cusack to drive into the Himalayas, pops open. I spend the rest of the dream hanging on to cargo netting, so that I don't go flying into the night. The cargo netting keeps slipping down the plane, though. I remember "thinking" that, that it didn't matter if I held on to it, I'd still go flying into the night.

That's when my alarm work me.

Odd. A little disconcerting, I guess. It was intense. It was hard to shake, and it stuck with me a little bit as I went about my day.

So, as I wandered around on 3 hours sleep, it was at the back of my mind.


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