Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chapter MMMCCCXXXV: In which there was hockey...

Eh. You'd think as a Cub fan, I'd be used to this disappointment shit.

There are a lot of people a lot better equipped to speak on this Olympic hockey experience. Gooseneck and Emily are both fans who've spoken in the past...they may put something up. And even if they don't, they both deserve a read.

When I lived out toward Nashville, I started to get into the Predators and hockey in general. I moved back out this way right as the NHL was recovering from its lockout. I'm sorry to say that in Southeast Tennessee, I think Pro Bass Fishing gets more press coverage than does hockey (and I don't think I'm exaggerating...I'd be interested to see which actually gets more TV time and local paper coverage).

It's only been in the past couple of years, since wandering back out to a handful of Predators games that I've really started to get interested again. It's still tough to follow on a consistent basis, since outside of the Home Ice TV package, television coverage is spotty at best. And I still live 2 and a half hours from the nearest NHL arena.

But, the interweb helps. Finding people and forums and blogamathings and twittermathings and facebookmathings from people who do follow and think and write is tremendously helpful.

This Olympic thing? Very cool. I ate it up.

I did finally get to see last Sunday's USA/Canada game via the interweb. And, to me, it's the hockey the world SHOULD see on that scale. For the first time, we had the very best in the world leaving every bit of it on the ice. It was an extremely fast game, and the most enjoyable one I can remember watching on television...

Until today. Maybe it's that I didn't grow up with hockey, or that the Predators haven't made it past the first round of the playoffs. Dunno. I was on the edge of my seat for this one. Also, via Twitter, I may have expressed the sentiment something along the lines of "Fuck Canada."

And, reluctantly, I apologize for that.

That's the sort of thing I reserve for the Yankees, Cardinals, Ravens, Cowboys and the University of Kentucky. Generally.

Like I said, the followup game today was even better, for my money, except for the result. And, well, that's just how things go. Like I said, I'm a Cub fan, so I've got a few decades practice at it, so far.

Still, it was cool to see the Americans get someplace they weren't expected to. I enjoyed that ride, at any rate.

Anyway, there was one thing that the Pisces in me truly did dig, even if it wasn't my national anthem. Hearing that Vancouver crowd get into their National Anthem was a thing of beauty.

This is an old video, from 2006, but it illustrates much the same thing.

Congratulations, Canada. And thanks for some of the most enjoyable hockey I can remember.

Also, thanks for the poutine.

Always thanks for the poutine.


Blogger Teresa said...

It was one of the very best games today... except for the outcome. *sigh* There were a number of Blackhawk players out there and those guys just up the revs on the skates and go like bats out of hell. They make most other hockey teams look like staid old men. LOL.

I'm lucky because we not only get all the Bruins games on the local NESN channel, but we also get Versus and they carry a few games too - although I'd prefer being able to watch Blackhawk games... a far far more exciting team this year. I will be calling tomorrow to pick up the hockey package for the second half - it's an incredibly fun game. I far prefer watching hockey to watching basketball.

11:07 PM  

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