Thursday, April 01, 2010

Chapter MMMCCCLXI: In which he needs to know what currency we are using.

I had a dream that overnight we'd changed currencies here in Americaland. It was never made clear to me what we'd changed over to, in the dream, it was made clear that neither my paper money nor my debit card were sufficient to buy the Gatorade, spaghetti or mops that I so wanted to buy.

I awoke understandably disappointed.

I do not currently need Gatorade, spaghetti or mops. I do need a loaf of bread, and I wanted Orange Juice this morning, but had none. I have American Money. Am I going to get laughed out of the Golden Gallon when I try to use it to pay for my bread and orange juice?

Because I prefer that to happen less than twice a week.

I like to think maybe it was an April Fool's joke my brain played. At least it's better than last year, when it made me forget what pants were for a month, and left me without the use of my left side. The doctors blamed my diet, but I know the truth. My brain has a tremendous sense of humor. It still laughs when I try to smile....