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Notes from the Undermind....

Hello, and welcome to Tuesday.

Did you know there was (and is) a major flooding event in Middle Tennessee this weekend? No? You're not alone. Trace details some of the goings on, with links to more folks who speak on the subject better than I ever could.

I worked like a crazy man again, this weekend. It's my thing, man. I say that, because I would have an excuse for not know, except that it was the single news event that I seemed to have a bit of knowledge concerning....

I get the lion's share of my news from Twitter. Local, national. Cubs news. Predators news. This weekend, it was Nashville flood news. I figured that if I was paying attention to the fact that people were dying, and thousands displaced, and tens of thousands without power, it would at least warrant half a minute's mention somewhere in the national media.

Some jackass puts an amateur-hour bomb attack in Times Square, and it's all I see on the national news. That's not to diminish that, necessarily, but that story's got a happy ending, inasmuch as nobody got hurt and they caught their suspect.

That's not so say I'm entirely unsympathetic there. Can I just say, looking at that, how that story scares me on a level? If I'm understanding everything I'm reading, the mitigating factor in getting the bomb found was the fact that the suspect built a bomb only slightly better than if I myself tried to build a bomb, and the only thing I know about explosives is that you can order them by mail to destroy roadrunners. What I'm trying to say is that if this guy had the first clue as to what he was doing, there'd be every bit of understanding as to why we'd be talking about the Times Square car bomb for days and days.

But I digress. The stories from Nashville? Saddening. Downtown's underwater. Hearing today that they lost more power downtown, and can't fix it until the waters recede. Not gonna pound my chest about it, but seems like it should be a topic of discussion amongst the national media, even if the discussion centers around what an infrastructure of a city can stand up to, should 9 inches of rain fall in a short amount of time.

It's made me wonder how my little town would fare, especially Casa de Big Stupid Tommy is situated right on the bend of the Oostanaula.....


Wandered out to Chattanooga with my friend Shyam last night to catch a Lookouts game. Beautiful night for it, hovering in the 60's. We took in the bulk of the game from the Beer Garden, because it's an annual event that we forget sitting on the first base side leaves you staring at the setting sun for five innings. The Smokies (the AA affiliate of a baseball team I cannot mention in conversation or writing by name, for doing so has caused 3 and 4 game losing streaks within the past 11 days) won out in 13 innings. Much like their Major League brethren, the Smokies I saw Monday night were a team that can hit a ton, if it suits them, but not in any kind of situational setting. Also? Can't field worth shit.

Starlin Castro had a couple of plays that should have gotten him errors...one was a gift from the Lookouts scorekeeper who ruled his bobble an infield hit, the other a gift from a Lookouts baserunner who turned the wrong way after crossing first, and got himself tagged out.

Still, can't say too much bad about the kid, because he did go 2 for 5, drawing a walk, and scored the go ahead run in the 13th. Patient at the plate, and hit the ball well every time he made contact. And maybe Monday night was a microcosm, for him and the team. That win put them up to 18-7 so far on their season. I look forward to seeing Castro and the rest of his team a few more times this year....

Anyway. Them's the thoughts. Wandering on...


Blogger Teresa said...

Kinda like the time Lake County in the Chicago area was hit by a massive storm. We had thousands of dollars of damage (even after insurance) due to flooding and hail. One of the idiots on WGN radio said something to the effect... "well that's too bad, but they have money up there so it's not a big deal." Really pissed me off. I wanted to call and ask him if he'd like to take care of my "not too big a deal" bills.

I don't know if they're discussing the Nashville flooding up here - I don't watch the local news. I knew about it via Instapundit. But all the headlines I'm seeing are certainly pointed at the NYC bomb thing. I'm bad though and I only skim the headlines... no time for much else.

I think up here they are probably more concerned with one of the huge ass water mains that broke over the weekend - leaving a massive portion of the Boston area without clean water. (I think they said 2 million people were hit with this - I've never been so glad to be on well and septic!) They just lifted the boil water order this morning.

It's always something. I guess the coverage depends on how much the media is effected by the end result (lots of media effected in NYC and Boston by recent events) or how big a story they can make of it otherwise to get ratings. *sigh*

Stay dry!

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