Monday, September 20, 2010

Hi. Ate us. No?

Your old pal Tommy's been doing some shit. Writing. Working. Trying to have a life that doesn't involve a grocery store or sitting in front of a computer. With minor success, I suppose.

Is it weird to say I've kinda been wandering through an introspective phase, as well? Even more than the usual navel-gazing. And for a guy who's not exactly the most outgoing cuss in the world, it might be indistinguishable from a normal walkabout day. It's been for longer than normal, this slight funk. And I'll say that. A slight funk about it. Tell George Clinton I said No.

2010's gotten to be one where I'm ill at ease with where I am in this crazy world. Truth be told, I've had a couple things thrown in to sharper relief, lately. About how much I work. About how much I'm actually getting out of that work. About how little I seem to get out, period. About what it is I've accomplished. About how weird it is that family is starting family.

Dunno. Just kinda thinking about a few things. I'm still around. Got a nice e-mail today wondering. So, thanks. I'm fine. Slight funk, maybe. Not out of it, by any stretch of the imagination. Doing a lot of writing, a lot of work. Holler if you want to grab a beer.

I have no good way to close this minor epistle, so I'll share my favorite Ethiopian joke, which was told to me by a real-life Ethiopian:

What do you call an Ethiopian taking a shit?

A Showoff.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

That joke almost made me blow parallel snot ribbons in a sick paraxosysmic for that!

Teresa and I will be 'round your way in November...take a couple days off and hang with us, will ya? We can drown your funk in some autumnal brew and hopefully it'll know better than to come around messin' with ya again.

2:30 PM  

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