Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sick Request of the Week....

So, I'm wandering around Ye Olde Facebooke, and the local news channel is talking about a pair of motorcycle accidents in Chattanooga. They requested, under the link, "This marks the second fatal motorcycle accident this weekend. If you were driving by and took pictures, send them to"

Um. Do people drive by accidents and take pictures?

I guess they wouldn't ask if people didn't.

Plus, it kinda deflects the creepiness of the people who do take pictures, and then send them to the news stations unrequested.

Me? I'm a pansy. I don't get much out of accident scenes. I don't do the shielding of my eyes, but I don't look. It's not that I'm squeamish. It's just doesn't seem like there'd be much there for me.

But then, if you looked at the pictures on my phone, it's mostly my parents' dogs and creepy pictures of mascots at baseball games. So, who am I to judge?


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Hey Tommy,
just stopping by.

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