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About a year ago, I wrote a Guinness-y piece on the Cubs season in 2009.

Well, tonight's drink of choice is Stone IPA, and thought I thought about writing a bit on the Cubs' season in 2010, I can count on 2 hands the number of games I actually saw in 2010. Maybe 1, but it's been 15 years since my last math class.

Here's the bit of shit that's been wandering around my mind, given the Cubs' 32-17 finish to the season. (Gimme a break if I'm remembering numbers wrong. There've been a goodly number of Stone IPA).

Why do a set of millionaires play one way for one guy, but another, much better way, for another guy? Can I just ask that? It's all baseball. It's not like Mike Fucking Quade taught these guys how to throw, hit or otherwise field a baseball durin their fiscal year.

I make much, much less than a million dollars a year. Is that impolite to point out. Well, if it is, you need to find a new value system. I am the Johnny Cash Ninja around these parts. So, how much less?

Metric assload.

I would have to work 30 years to get withing cockpunching distance of a million dollars. Alfonso "I sometimes hit in clutch" Soriano makes more than I do in 2 plate appearances. Two. Two Goddamn plate appearances. That's bullshit! I haven't even gotten to Thanksgiving yet!!!!!!!!!

But I digress.

The Stone IPA Thoughts on the Chicago Cubs?

This has been a depressing year to be a Cubs fan. And I've been doing this shit since 1984. I know I'm not a longtimer, but I'm not a newbie. I've got a couple rings on my decade bandana. I got a little room to bitch.

Strangely, there's little inclination.

2010's been a trying year, on a personal level. You know, beyond baseball.

The gasp is audible all through your home.

There have been minor amounts of Real Life Shit to deal with. Work mostly, but there's been moments of pause. As for baseball? Honestly? I've paid as little attention to the boys in blue in 2010 as I have in any year since Leon Durham rolled a grounder through his knees. Part of that's been by choice. You don't end up anywhere but the Loony Bin by screaming at your computer screen because of box scores.

I made the statement on the Twitter: I have never looked more toward the end of a baseball season.

And that's God's honest truth.

Honestly, I woke up today, on November 7, with a couple teams in the playoffs who honestly excite my dumb ass (Reds, Rangers, with a nod of indie-respect toward the Twins). And for the first time in my life, I said "It's Hockey Season!"

And let me just say this, you Slime Kings of Etowah: I dig Hockey. Somehow, over last season, it really caught my eye. I've always dug it, at least since the Predators made their merry way toward Nashville. Something popped in my brain last season. Dunno what (blood vessel, likely). Baseball's always gonna be #1 in my big, dumb heart. But, Football suddenly has a challenger in this guy's attention span. (Especially since we insist on starting Vince Young, my fellow Tennesseeans--if you're looking for Magic, you might as well start calling the Lakers, because in Tennessee, we spell Bust with a V and a Y).

So. I was happy to see hockey season here.

Beisbol? Cubs? Keep Quade? Bring Sandberg up?

Who knows?

I just put fucking cranberry sauce on a shelf.

Cran. Berry. Sauce.

I'll just be watching the hockey.


Blogger Teresa said...

I was never a real hockey fan until the last few years. Since I started watching it in earnest, it makes all the other sports look pretty blah.

I used to watch baseball... but who has the time for it now? They used to be able to play the games in about 2 hours now you're lucky if they go less than 4 hours. I don't have time for that - I don't want to watch these guys adjust their gloves and spit and scratch after every friggin' pitch BORING!

Not to mention how tired I am of looking at the nose hairs of these guys between pitches. Can we see the field please? I remember watching baseball when there was a guy on base - you could see the pitcher, the batter and the guy on base going for the steal. That NEVER happens anymore. *sigh* Television has lost the game continuity by focusing on single people or just the pitcher/batter combo. Basically coverage sucks.

Give me hockey - it moves, it's fun, it's fast. There is the occasional fight - but not like the old days where there was a fight every other minute (that was boring too). It was great fun watching the Blackhawks win last year. I really enjoy the Bruins broadcasts and I hope to get out to see either some pro games or some college games or both this year. We even have a local minor league near us. I love it!

10:54 AM  

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