Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chapter MMMCDXXXVI: In which my sister and I discuss movies.

A brief conversation between my sister and me, via messenger:

April: What's the old aunt's name that the Griswolds strap to the top of the car in Vacation?

Tommy: Edna.

April: Ok. Thanks. What's her dog's name?

Tommy: Don't know for sure. Bucky?

Tommy: Dinky? (Editors Note: It is indeed Dinky)

April: How is it that we are some intelligent poeple in an intelligent family, and this is what we discuss?

Tommy: Because youre political and religious views tend to polarize the family. It is generally best to discuss movies, or sit in silence, when you are in the room, I find.

Tommy: Also, you tend to hit.

April: True.


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