Saturday, November 13, 2010


Not a lot's been going on these parts the past few months. I've had other writing projects, and a shitload of work. But, I'm still here, from time to time, posting inanities and being all that goes into being Tommy. For seven years, I've been keeping this booger going. It's been a trip, and I've gotten to meet a few of you nice folks around these United States.

Thanks for reading. I'm still around. Finding spare time, as I say, is a rare beast. Especially since we wander toward the Giant Grateful Feast in November...

I just think it's wonder I've been doing this blogamathing this long, and had absolutely nothing to say....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've always been one of my favorite reads. Over the years, as I keep pruning my blogroll and feed reader, you are one of the Last Blogs Standing (that is worth reading), and I hope to be reading your site for many years to come. It is truly enjoyable, and congrats on keeping it running for so long. Great seeing you last week, brother. You are Da Man.

1:38 PM  

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