Sunday, November 07, 2010

Conversations....and how people get nicknames....

In lieu of actual content, as I'm feeling tired, and actually under the weather a bit, I'll simply be posting a transcription of a conversation, over Blackberry Messenger, with my sister.

A word of context: Duke is their dog. And: We have had an argument about the specifics of how time travel works, specifically as it pertains to the movie series Back to the Future.

April: Duke just pooted.
Tommy: Ok, thanks.
April: You are Welcome!
April: Do you have to work today?
Tommy: No.
April: So, the space time continuum theories don't work. Marty is able to warn Doc about getting shot.

Tommy: No. He's created a different time line. It's two different docs.
Tommy: The Doc that gets warned lives in a different time line than the one Marty left.

April: Your reasoning is flawed.

Tommy: Your reasoning is stupid.

April: You're Stupid.

Tommy: No, you're stupid. I'm flawed. Deeply flawed.

April: I'm not stupid, you're stupid. Have you seen Lonestar State of Mind?

Tommy: No.

April: Or, it could just be Lonestar State with Joshua Jackson.

Tommy. Still, no.

April: It's super funny. You should.

Tommy: OK.
Tommy: Does it have time travel that you will argue with me about?

April: No, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't watch it.
April: You off any this week?

Tommy: No.

April: When does the time change again?

Tommy: The time changed last night.

April: No, whne does it spring forward again? The date, I mean? Don't say in the spring.

Tommy: I think it's the end of March.

April: What does the little d or a mean on the checkmark next to our comments? Delivered and answered?

Tommy: D means Delivered. An r means received/read

April: Mine has an a, not an r.

Tommy: I've never seen that.

April: So, yours looks like an r?

Tommy: It looks that way because it is an R.

April: Do you know how much that statement both angered and amused me? You made me chuckle and want to srive [sic] to Athens to prove you wrong at the same time.

Tommy: I would like you to Drive up here so I can teach you the alphabet.

April: I know the alphabet. I two languages.

Tommy: You know it in one language. In this one, you know the rlphrbet in this one, apparently.

April. I'm telling you on my phone, it's an A!!!!

Tommy: Ok, Rpail.


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