Sunday, January 20, 2013


Yes, I taught my nephew the word Imbecile.

I also taught him to shake his fist and someone and call that person an imbecile.

Will it get him in trouble?


If that person knows what the word imbecile means.

I put the chances of that somewhere around 60% that they do know it.  I don't think I'm judging the public too poorly.  I manage a grocery store.  I see a broad cross-section of society's ineptitude.

Why teach my nephew that?

Because I can't teach the dog to say it.

That's my dream.

Not to teach the dog to say "imbecile."

My dream is to teach many dogs to say "imbecile."

Because such things amuse me.  In this case?  It is the idea of an entire town full of dogs wandering around muttering the word "imbecile."


So, I taught my nephew.  It'll have to do, for now.


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