Monday, April 01, 2013

Opening Day Predictions!

A blog entry?  Ye gods....

Just a few thoughts as we wander into another baseball season.  Gonna be another long one. By and large, baseball is a game of slow change.  There are exceptions, but change for a team takes place over the course of seasons, not one offseason.  I say all that to say this:  It's gonna be another long baseball season, campers.  Especially if you're like Tommy, and follow the Cubs.

It'll be a long year, I think, but not one without promise.

Very quickly, my NL Central Predictions, based on very little analysis, along with where I think they'll end up in terms of victories:

1.  Cincinnati    100 wins
2.  St. Louis   92 wins
3.  Milwaukee   81 wins
4.  Pittsburgh    76 wins
5.  Chicago    73 wins

73 wins.  And calling it a major improvement over 2012.  Yeesh.

2012 sucked in that it was the first season since 1990 that I didn't catch a Major League game in person.  I live about 2 1/2 hours north of Atlanta, so a catching a game down there isn't out of the question.  Last year's schedule was tough.  Shyam and I did wander down in September for a weekend to catch an Amanda Palmer concert, the same weekend the Nationals were playing down there.  When we bought the tickets, the Sunday game was scheduled for an afternoon start.  ESPN poked its nose in, and moved it to an 8PM start. We'd both been working like botards, so we opted out of the game to come on home.

Cubs are in Atlanta this weekend, so looking right now at wandering down for the Saturday game.   I may be mistaken, but I think Friday may be the home opener for the Braves.  Tickets aren't going for cheap.  May still try to wander down.  Sit in the nosebleeds.  Drink an 8 dollar beer, and come on home that night.  The more I write on this particular entry, the better this idea sounds....


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