Monday, August 26, 2013

The Listens, this day, 26 August 2013

Made myself get up early this morning.  Six days or so of sleeping until 8 don't mesh so well with having pull my big ass out of bed at 5:15 in the morning.  Maybe lessen the shock, somewhat, for tomorrow.

The cool things about this little break, and the next?  Yeah, I'll work 10 out of the next 11 days, but then I'll be off for another week.  It's not ideal for vacationing, but at least going back to the workspace won't feel as much like hiked off to Siberia.

Anyway.  I woke up.  Drank coffee.  Wrote for a couple of hours.  I started a new story a little more than a week ago.  Just an idea I'd been kicking around for a little while.  Following some advice by my buddy Alex to just set a daily goal.  I write even when it doesn't feel good.  After writing 9 out of the last ten days (if my math is correct), I've got about 16000 words down on one story.

The trick to to get a thousand words in on those days where I've devoted 12 hours of the day to the day job.

That's not always easy.  I just have to convince my lazy ass that it's important.

To close out, here's the listens from this morning:

"Gine Fare"            Toubab Krewe
"Nutty (Bruins Theme)"            Dropkick Murphys
"Sin City"            the Flying Burrito Brothers
"Medley: The Connaught Man's Rambles/Christmas Eve Reels..."     The Mahones
"O Valencia"          The Decemberists
"Ebo Walker"         The Dillards
"Gospel Plow"           Elizabeth Cook
"No One Else"        Weezer
"Boris the Spider"           The Who
"Out of the Frying Pan (and Into the Fire)"       Meat Loaf
"Crocodile Rock"            Elton John
"I'm Leaving Now"          Johnny Cash
"These Hills"            Iris DeMent
"Tore Up and Loud"           Hank Williams III
"Eyes"        Jherek Bischoff, featuring David Byrne
"Hunger"             Spectre General
"Atomic Man"            Portugal, the Man
"Cigareets, Whuskey and Wild Wild Women"            Black Jake & the Carnies
"Turn it Up"               Todd Snider
"Gump"             Weird Al Yankovic
"So Much More"         Old Man Markley


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