Wednesday, November 13, 2013


It's mostly a repository for the crap I've been listening to while writing other stuff, but this little blogamathing has been up and going for 11 years, as of today.



I had to have a talk with my blog the other day about the changes it's about to go through.

It wasn't an easy talk, considering I am much less mature than my 36 years would suggest.

Mostly it degenerated into the two of us laughing at slang words for breasts....


Blogger Gladorn said...

"Jugs and orbs and darts and gourds
Elmer Fudds and bouncing Buddhas
Sweater stretchers, lung protectors
Beach umbrellas, frost detectors
Scooby Snacks and snake-eyes dice
Jell-o molds and high-beam lights
Every day I probably use
99 words for boobs"

(Blatantly stolen from )

10:05 PM  
Blogger alice said...

Boobs aside (ahem), I'm glad you're still here. ;-)

10:55 PM  

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