Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Random thoughts.

Nervous this morning.  First day off in a few.  If all things go right today, I'll be picking up a new (to me) car.  Test drove a 2011 Camry the other day, and liked it.  Would like to get this done to move past this particular chapter.

No word on my truck.  Or the checks that were stolen out of it.  That's sad.  Just sad.

2014 hasn't been my favorite.  I'm lucky I have family and a girlfriend to lean on.  Friends have been helpful, too.

I'm tired.  I'll say that.  I was supposed to start vacation this coming Friday, but backed it up a couple weeks to have the time off for a couple other things coming up.

Right now?  I wish to high heavens I'd just kept vacation where it was.


I'm going to take a day, on vacation, to just sleep.  And read.  And then I'll take a nap.

No funny.  Nothing smart to say.  I'm just tired, folks.


Blogger Gladorn said...

Oh man, sorry to hear about your truck. I haven't visited your blog in a while, as I only check on it every couple of weeks. I would be in a world of hurt if my truck were to be stolen, as I just about live out of it.

(I'm serious. I can't get jack done when I'm at home because of the wife and kid. I pull in the driveway and make phone calls, write bills, and use the wireless because it's the only free time I get!)

9:17 PM  

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