Thursday, February 20, 2014

People I share a birthday with

Today, I learned that I share a birthday with pitcher Justin Verlander.  I'm 6 years older, and he has roughly 88000% more pitching talent than I do.

I also share a birthday with Chelsea Peretti.  I learned this today, as well.

I also remembered that I shared a birthday with Kurt Cobain.  When he died, I remember that being the biggest thing I took away from his death, that we shared a birthday.  And every year, I tend to have a "Huh, I shared a birthday with him" moment.

And then I forget.

Other folks I share February 20th with, in celebrating trips around the sun?  Sidney Poitier.  Lauren Ambrose.  Rihanna.  Charles Barkley.  Lili Taylor.  Ron Eldard.  Cindy Crawford.  The late Robert Altman.
I will probably forget them too.

Such is life.  I'm getting older.  The memory is always the first thing to go.

If I had to guess, I think mine left somewhere around 2009.


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