Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A link, and a minor rant on the One Game Wild Card Playoff

(Spoiler Alert:  No Link)

Tonight, Kansas City and Oakland square off in the American League's one game playoff.

Have I mentioned that I HAAAATE the one game playoff?  Loathe.   Baseball, the ultimate game of averages, left to a one game playoff. It should be a measure of last resort, and not the culmination of a season for four teams.  Too much can happen in one game.  A no account second baseman who's hit .240 the entire season can get four hits off the best pitcher in the game.  A team of six umpires can completely misunderstand the infield fly rule.  A team that leads the league in run production can get shut down for a game by a pitcher having the game of his life.

At least make it a best of three.  Hell, what's a couple more games in a regular and post-season that will last late into the fall already?

There's also a selfish note for this hatred. I work tonight, and I've come to root for the Royals somewhat in the past several weeks. I'll miss the game, tonight. Personal preference for the World Series? Royals vs. Pirates. Though I could see myself enjoying a Baltimore/Washington series very much. 

Mostly, though, I'm rooting for a highly localized seismic event where Dodger Stadium gets sucked into the earth while the Dodgers and Cardinals are on the field, perhaps for introductions. In this fantasy, Doug Eddings is on the field as umpire, and Bud Selig is throwing out the first pitch, and Kenny Chesney is singing the National Anthem, and all are sucked away, never to be thought of or mentioned ever again.

But that's just me.


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