Monday, February 09, 2015

A note from the ether....

You know, maybe there's something to the Clark Kent/Superman thing.

Shyam and I wandered out last night to see Project Almanac, a fair to middling time travel flick that I have a bad feeling won't hold up to the scrutiny of a second viewing.  In a lot of regards, it reminded me of Chronicle, which featured a bunch of teens finding something unexpected and trying to change the world and then fighting amongst themselves.  Anyway.  I write to say this.

I think I ended up enjoying the previews more than the actual flick itself.  Jurassic World got a cackle out of me.  Shyam won't go see Chappie with me.  And we both were pleased with the trailer for Terminator: Genisys.

Though at that moment, neither of us recognized Emilia Clarke.  It's funny what a new dye job an appropriately colored eyebrows will do for a person.  That, and current era clothing.

She remembered overnight.  I didn't until I wandered into IMDB this morning.....


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