Monday, November 13, 2017


Fifteen years ago, I started this blogamathing.  I don't post here nearly as often, but I occasionally pop an odd thought or two.  I am still amazed by the people it's introduced me to, and the friendships it's helped me forge.  I am thankful for the laughs, for the thoughts.

It's been a tough year.  Lots of adjustments.  Dad passed back in the Spring, and that's still a rocky road.  He was one of the blog's biggest fans.  Many of the jokes that showed up here were ones he passed along.  He was a funny guy, and he was one of the people I looked to make laugh, from time to time, with what I wrote here.

Shyam and I moved in together.  That's been relatively easy, though having lived by myself for more than a decade has made me have to adjust certain routines (farting) and habits (more farting).  It's been an internet adjustment, as we went a good part of the year without anything but what internet our mobile phone providers gave.  What we have now is still not great, but it's better than what we had. Hoping the effort at bringing high speed to the rural areas via Volunteer Electric bears fruit some day.  (We're not all that rural, by the way.  We're two telephone poles away from being able to have Comcast.)

Still, I get to live with these goofballs, and I've enjoyed that..

I continue to work like a botard.  We've been short a couple key people at work this fall.  (Fuck cancer, by the way).  Finding two days off in a row is a rarity, here lately.  And being a manager short means picking up more closing shifts, which leaves me punchier than normal, since I also end up with a couple opening shifts.  I'm 40, now, and I can't afford to be losing any beauty sleep, folks.

Still.  We find time to do stuff.

Came in seventh in a Chattanooga City Trivia contest yesterday.  Probably could have done better, but talked ourselves out of a couple answers, and didn't bet enough on the final question.  Still, we crapped the bed at our last City Finals, so we're happy to have played well, even being short a body or two....

Well, now you're up to date on the news from Lake Wobegon, my home town.  Thanks for continuing to read, folks.  I'll keep posting here, from time to time.


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