Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Random Thoughts

  • We're through another holiday.  As holidays go, Memorial Day isn't ridiculous, normally.  This one kicked my ass.  I work today, as well, and when that's done, I'll have worked 12 of the last 13 days.  We were shorthanded, which was part of it.  We've hired a lot of bodies in, which means training.  Which means no days off. since last Monday.  And in the month of May, I've had 4 days off.  I'm tired, folks.
  • Summer holidays are tough, anyway.  When you work with young people, a lot of families take vacations around those summer holidays, and they go on vacation with those young people during that time, too.  It takes a body or two out of your roster.
  • Then you've got those who are older, but somehow think they're entitled to that day off, despite having worked with the company for a while.  Yesterday's was a "stuck jeep."  There were other complaints of ague and ache,  that somehow seemed fine when the person was told they needed to come on in.
  • And then there were real life issues.  A friend whose father was fighting cancer, and who'd had hospice called in, lost that father yesterday.
  • I've been thinking a lot on that.  Dad's been gone about 15 months now.  And there are days here in the past couple of weeks where missing him has hit me like a ton of bricks.  Dad went suddenly.  While I wouldn't turn down the chance to talk with him again, I'm glad he was spared a long period of suffering.  I watched Mom deal with both parents being incapacitated for a long period of time.  It's tough.  Dad and I had a good, honest relationship.  I'm confident we both knew how the other felt when he passed--I don't think there was anything left unsaid.  
  • I guess what I'm trying to say is that some days, I don't think I'm strong enough to watch a loved one die.  Most days, even.
  • Working as much as I have over the past few days means I haven't been able to make it out to the movie theater lately.  I'd really like to see Deadpool 2.  I'm ambivalent about the Solo: a Star Wars story flick, but have heard a couple good things.  I'd also kinda like to see Super Troopers 2, which is currently playing at the cheap theater up in Knoxville.
  • I'm off tomorrow.  Shyam's been working crazy busy, too.  April-July is pretty much nuts for her.  We see each other at night.  We've been living together for a year now.  I'm glad of that, because if we each had our own places, we'd probably not see each other that often.


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