Friday, September 21, 2012


More like Schleptember 21.

With all the crap and bullshit and reality fuckola on the televisionulation machine, how is it that I'm busting my ass for 60 hours a week at a grocery store?

We've lost one manager on duty to a transfer closer to her home.  Her replacement backed out almost literally at the last minute.  Got a better offer.  Looking at going into the busy season missing a manager.  Crap.  Hard not to feel hosed, if you want the truth.  But life goes on.  People will do as they will.

We'll find somebody.  In the meantime, it looks like another run of 6-day weeks.  Which make me an unpleasant cuss.

Still, it's not all bad.  Got myself my Ronald Reagan CD today.

Ronald Reagan CD?

You know them?


I like many exclamation points but only a couple or three question marks, just so you know I'm being loud on a Friday, and not sitting at the house watching a football game that I don't give the first shit about and blogging for the first time in many, many moons....

Anyway, Shyam and I wandered down to Atlanta last week.  She took me to the Variety Playhouse to catch an Amanda Palmer show.  Ronald Reagan (Boston's Premiere 80's Pop Saxophone Duo) played a bit, as well as acting as backup horns for Ms. Palmer and the band....

I dug them.

This video was taken earlier in the week on the same concert tour.

I really dug the whole show. Found some cool new writing music I'll be writing to from Jherek Bischoff.  And Amanda Palmer's set rocked.  Best concert I've been to in a while.

May I just say that Shyam's the best girlfriend ever, for letting me sit in the balcony to see the show?

Eh.  She was already the best girlfriend.

But I digress.

Not sure how it got to be this late in September, but it did.  Passage of time is funny out this way....


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