Sunday, February 16, 2003

"The doctor said if you ate any more baby, they'd have to take yer foot."----Cletus

It's been a pretty decent season for the Simpsons. A lot of the stories haven't been super, but at least I'm not remembering for the wrong reasons. What I remember is a lot of moments. Last week, the drywall fell down and Maggie crawls out, and Homer exclaims that Maggie's been hiding back there. That was great.

Tonight they had the 300th episode, and they were good, but not great. Mostly their moments and with above, Homer in an attempt to learn to be nurturing, has been carrying a bag of sugar around. But he's apparently switched his bag of sugar with Cletus the slack-jawed-yokel's kid. And a rather rotund family member wants sugar (baby) for her coffee. It's fantastic. I've ruined it by explaining it. That's what I do.

The other day, as I was in the other room, I listened to an episode of Married...with Children that was playing in the other room. And I had no idea why I watched that show every Sunday night. Even tonight, when I talked on the phone, I told Julie that I had no idea what appealed to me. And then the segment on Kelly Bundy came on.

Oh yeah. I watched a whole season of "Jesse," because of Christina Applegate.

It was a little irksome to see Christina Applegate expound upon the character and craft of Kelly Bundy.

Still....I wish Kelly Bundy was still regularly on my TV.


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