Wednesday, February 12, 2003

The thing is, this won't mean much to most:

But I'm tremendously grateful that NWA-TNA is based out of Nashville. I've had the opportunity to see so many really great performers up close and personal. From some of my all-time favorites like Jeff Jarrett, Jerry Lynn, Raven, the Sandman (who debuted tonight), and even "the American Dream" Dusty Rhodes. There are up and comers, some of whom I'd never even heard of. Guys like A.J. Styles, Kid Kash, the Amazing Red and Low-Ki.

Tonight's show was really, really good. The Sandman showed up. He and Raven had a great brawl during which the railing from in front of us was used multiple times as a weapon. Low-Ki and Steve Corino mixed it up in a good X-Division match. And there was an 8-Man elimination match. And Kid Kash beat Sonny Siaki for the X-Division Title. And it was good. And it was damn good.

If'n you're a wrestling fan, and you're anywhere near Nashville...come see a TNA show. It's really, really cool.

There's a feller called Chickenhat at these shows. I think I wrote about him last week, accusing him of farting. Bill wants us to get a couple of straw hats and chicken feathers and emulate Chickenhat to the best of our abilities. That man has become a F-Grade Celebrity within the ranks of the TNA crowd.

In other news.

I learned of a major development about my job today. From the newspaper. They're expanding, and we're not that huge an operation, so as we couldn't be told. We're expanding, and that's a good thing, yes. I'm a little insulted that as the supervisor overseeing this area where we're expanding (nearly tripling in size) that I didn't find out until I read it in my local newspaper. Ain't that some shit?

A couple of other thoughts:

I need a new bed. I think I'll bring this up to the higher powers, as my birthday is drawing nigh. I sleep on a futon. It's a nice futon, but it's also seen 3-4 years of use. And I've brought up my night terrors.

Al Roker + My Booty = Much terrified thrashing about.

I've kicked the hell out of that bed. It has no more armrests. And it hasn't been able to fold up into a couch since Halloween.

It's growing uncomfortable. I need a bed. Please help.

I've got a book to recommend, if I may:

Karen Armstrong has written a short history, entitled Islam.

As advertised, it's short but precise. It gives insight into the formation of the belief systems, the early tribulations and the evolution of the mode of thinking. What ended up interesting most was the impact the Industrial Revolution ended up having on the Islamic state. Essentially, Europe evolved faster out of the agrarian mold, and as such was able to subjugate the many Islamic strongholds (India, Malaya, the African continent) for their use as raw-goods suppliers. And the learning was given to the elite and the military instead of the common folk. Such is the beginning of the grudge against the Western world

I've over-simplified, but it's a step. Check out Ms. Armstrong's book. I learned something. You should too.

I'd read Islam Around the World a while back, and didn't take from it a tenth of what I did from Armstrong's book. Simply, she's a better writer. Ruthven (who wrote the Around the World) was tremendously dry. But it was a textbook-style book, so what do you expect? Armstrong's a stronger writer.

That's all I got for today. Good Wrestling. Bad Work. Bad Futon. Good Book. It's full circle.


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