Thursday, February 13, 2003

I read comic books. That's probably not a big surprise. I'm a big Batman fan, and always have been. I read J.L.A. and J.S.A. Frank Cho's Liberty Meadows is among the funniest things I've read. My favorite writers are Mark Waid, Alan Moore and Jeph Loeb. Tim Sale's probably my favorite artist, though I'm a big fan of understated, solid stuff like Brent Anderson or Frank Quitely.

Another favorite character is Daredevil. I've read him off and on for a long time. Frank Miller is regarded pretty much as The Man when it comes to Daredevil. I like his stuff because it's a superhero story without necessarily being a superhero story. Screen Writer/Director Kevin Smith had a pretty cool run on the title when it was rebooted a while back.

Daredevil's an interesting character, but one who's difficult for many writers to grasp. He doesn't necessarily work in the same realm that a Superman or a Spider-Man...or even a Batman might work, though Batman is probably the nearest to Daredevil in terms of pathos.

I've not read Daredevil consistently over the years. Mostly because of the reason I've just given. Daredevil, when written well, is excellent. Daredevil, when used incorrectly, just seems stupid and dumb.

I bring all this up only because tomorrow a movie opens up in theatres about Daredevil. It stars Ben Affleck as the titular character. Colin Farrell plays Bullseye, who's a pretty cool character in his own right. It's got Jennifer Garner and Michael Clarke Duncan. And it's been the subject of a media blitz over the past month. And it's gotten a couple of good reviews, especially over at aintitcool news.

But I can't decided why I'm not excited.


It's because it looks too much like a music video.


There's wire work used for stunts and fight scenes, which to me can only detract from this "human" superhero who shouldn't be able to do anything spectacular like that.

One of the two.

Or maybe it's because I'm a big grumpy sumbitch.

Probably that one.



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