Saturday, February 08, 2003

A few thoughts about the World of Sports:

1. I'm pretty tired of hearing about LeBron James. I feel a little sorry for him, because at 17, I'd say he's not mature or smart enough to handle the media spotlight that's been thrust upon him. The problem is, we have talking heads on ESPN talking about how mature he is for a teenager and all that jazz. At 17, when all you've been hearing is how great you are, that kind of statement can only serve to feed your ego. His mother is to blame, too. Why does a teenager need a $60,000 H2 Hummer? It only feeds the belief that because he can bounce a ball really good he deserves all this crap. The Ohio State Athletic Commission that suspended him needs and asswhupping, too. They suspend him only after they feel they've made all the money that they can.

But on the whole, I'm tired of hearing and reading about a 17 year old kid.

2. Even though it is not the Comiskey Park of old, it will always be Comiskey Park. Who's the buyer? U.S. Cellular? Screw that. It's up to the media. Do not refer to it as U.S. Cellular Stadium. Just call it Comiskey. Didn't Boomer on ESPN do that when they wanted us to refer to Candlestick as 3Com? It is Comiskey. End of story. The only way I think a stadium should be named after a company is if that company owns the team. P.K. Wrigley owned the Cubs and Weegman Park. Which was renamed Wrigley Field.

3. I get a Cubstalk newsletter sporadically over my e-mail, and during the offseason, there's always a footer that says "__ days until Pitchers and Catchers Report!" And I'm as excited about baseball as anybody, but for me, it's still a couple of months away. Though I do like catching a spring training game on TBS or WGN during March.

4. WGN doesn't broadcast enough Cubs games. They aren't even showing opening day. Thank God ESPN shows a lot of baseball.

5. This is NASCAR's speed week. Since I'm not a huge basketball fan, I'm excited. I've said it before, the couple of months between the Super Bowl and Opening Day suck, but NASCAR being around sort of soothes the pain.


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