Sunday, May 11, 2003

Hi, this is Batman, for Hardee's.

Do you like Steak Biscuits?

After a long night of fighting crime in Gotham City, I'm always comforted when I can stop at any of the 19 convenient Gotham City Hardee's locations. I'll order a steak biscuit. That's 100% pure ground steak on a hot buttered biscuit made from scratch. Add a cup of coffee and an order of hash rounds, and I'm set for a trip back to the batcave.

This week at Hardee's, you can get 2 steak biscuits for $2.22!

You don't need to be the world's greatest detective to figure out how great a deal that is!

So once again, the is Batman, and I'm telling to run, don't walk, to your neighborhood Hardee's.

It's a hell of a place to eat!


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