Sunday, April 18, 2004

Back from Atlanta

Back from Atlanta

Got back from Atlanta a little while ago. A good trip. Good convention. Good Braves Game. Good food. Good Hotel. (Great Hotel...we got overbooked at the con's host our rooms comped at a neighboring hotel). Good Mexican lunch. Good car ride home.

A couple of thoughts:

The Braves had one of the crappiest promo giveaways ever, Saturday night. In terms of quality, I mean. You've seen the window flags, right? With the logo of your team which you put into your car window, to show that you support the Montreal Expos with all your heart and soul?

Well, Napa sponsored a Braves flag night. And after the game, the interstates and highways surrounding Turner Field were littered with these red flags with Napa logs. The fabric of the flags wasn't secured well to the plastic when the a car flying the flags hit 40 miles an hour, the flag just came whipping off.

Also, I know it's old news...but we gotta sponsor legislation to get concessions prices down at these sporting events. Seven bucks is too much to pay for a sixpack of Icehouse, let alone one big old cup of the stuff. But this I can live with. However, paying 4 and 5 dollars for bottled Coca Cola? And $4.50 for water?!?!?!

I'm in the wrong business, if somebody can make right around $22.50 a gallon for something I can get out of the kitchen faucet for a few pennies.

Atlantacon was good. They packed the con into a smaller space this year. They had a decent crowd. I didn't buy a whole lot. Just a few Justice League comics for the crapper and a couple of Roman Dirge's Lenore trade paperbacks, which I recommend greatly...nicely twisted.

Talked with George Lowe, the voice of Cartoon Network's Space Ghost for a little while this morning. Just want to say that the kid in me gets thrown for a loop to see a cartoon character's voice in me come out of the face of a human being.

Also: it was greatly entertaining to those sharing the (free) hotel room last to watch me set my belongings aside, announce to them that I'm going to sleep, get under the covers, and fall fast asleep as soon as I'd closed my eyes and my head hit the pillow.

Apparently, I had a good breathing-through-the-nose/whistling thing going on. And it was funny.

I make people laugh, even in my sleep.


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