Friday, May 21, 2004

Today's Price is Right Update

Today's Price is Right Update

Bringing you, the folks goofing off at work by reading this blog, the skinny on everybody's favorite daytime television game show, The Price is Right.

I wasn't paying close attention, as I was reading, but I did notice when I saw a woman so happy to make it on stage that she was crying.

She bid on a Gentleman's Chest to get up on stage. She bid $700, and the actual suggested retail price was something like $724.

Now, on something like that, I'd have no idea what to bid. I figured everybody onstage had overbid, to be honest. It was a little skinny legged, waist-high table-looking deal with about five skinny drawers coming out of the front. Drawers that wouldn't be big enough to put in anything more than one folded piece of underwear. And honestly. Who, in this day and age, folds their underwear?

But the damned thing cost $724. I can't think of anything I'd have that would even go in such a contraption.

But then, the rub lies in the name. A Gentleman's Chest? Such a thing would be lost on me. I need a Slob's Box or maybe even A Lazy Guy's Pile in the Floor. And I tend to think those would run much cheaper. Bids starting at right around $3.

Do you think Bob drinks?

He'd have to.

Not a lot interesting on today's show. So I read.


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