Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Your Price is Right Update

Your Price is Right Update

As I said yesterday, I work nights, which leaves me most mornings to entertain for myself. Since I can only blow so many spit bubbles, here lately, I've been watching The Price is Right. Usually, I listen. I'll spend that time reading the newspaper or writing a little. But sometimes I'll look up if something catches my ear.

A lot of you read this blog from work, so you're probably not able to watch The Price is Right. I'm here to help.

Here now, a couple of random thoughts about today's game:

--A guy with homes in Michigan and Wyoming got up on stage. When Bob asked him what he did for a living, he tried to say "I'm retired," but slipped and started to say "I'm retard...." At first, I thought he was trying to fake a Freudian slip of some manner, but listening to him talk a couple of times else in the game, I think he honestly slipped.

--There's a guy named Thomas who's wearing a Cal Poly shirt. I think Thomas is high. I think the Price is Right should look into testing for illegal and/or performance enhancing drugs. In the case of Thomas, I believe he's on the reefer. The TPIR scouts look for happy people in the lines before the show, and I think Thomas has been enhancing his happiness chemically. Also, he bid pretty well on a set of guitars. Also, it looked like he wasn't wearing shoes. He may have been wearing sandals or flip flops. I'd think TPIR has a no shirt, no shoes, no play the games policy.

--On the upside, Thomas spun the hell out of the big wheel, so he's got that much going for him. I always enjoy seeing somebody spin that wheel.


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