Wednesday, December 15, 2004



"Anagrams" is probably my least favorite category on Jeopardy! Because I have trouble thinking my way through them. I've never been good at word scrambles. It's just not my type of thinking, I guess. Unless I can see the answer in the clue immediately, I'm not going to be able to decipher in the time allotted.

When the anagrams category comes up on Jeopardy, I get really angry. I usually break something. Last week, it was the glass top coffee table. A couple of times, I've gotten so angry that Alex Trebek has recanted, and said "Instead of Anagrams, the new category will now be "Baseball Name's the Same...."

If I were on Jeopardy, and the anagram clue came up, I would break into tears right there, I think....

I ran across this anagram site. At first, I was confused, and frightened. In fact, I'm still frightened.

But I did get brave enough to play with it.

My favorite anagrams from "Big Stupid Tommy:"

Bid Gummy, Tits Op
Bid Gummy, It Tops
Bid Smog--I'm Putty
Bid Gypsum. I'm Tot.
Big Mug, It My Post
Big Dummy's Tit Op.
Big Dummy. It's Top
Big Dumpty....I's Tom.
Big Sod, Tip Tummy
Bog Tidy, I'm Stump
Bog Dump, It Misty
Bogs Dumpty? I'm It.
Bugs Dim Mi Potty
Bug, I'd Stop Timmy
Bug! I'd Spit Tommy! (I like this one a lot...a big bug spitting me...)
Bug Tidy, I'm Stomp
IBM, Dig Stump Toy
IBM God! I'm Spy Tut!
IBM God! Smutty Pi!
IBM Dog? I spy mutt.
IBM Gods? I'm Putty.
By God! I'm Tits Ump! (This one might be my favorite)
Bus Pygmoid Mitt


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