Monday, December 13, 2004

The Challenge Has Been Issued

The Challenge Has Been Issued

What do you think, Tommy? Got enough faith in that crippled offense of yours and that soon to be beaten down defense to wager a little trophy love on it?

Gooseneck is referring to tonight's matchup between my Tennessee Titans, and his Kansas City Chiefs.

The fact is, I don't have a lot of faith in my Titans. Because everybody's injured. And because they called me the beginning of this weekend to see if I could suit up to play defense tonight, if need be.

But Mr. Neck threw down the gauntlet. First, he questioned my manhood, he questioned my honor, he questioned my integrity. When he found that these things did little to incite me, he went to my refrigerator, and ate the last slice of deep dish extra cheese and Eye-talian Sausage pizza, the last of the black licorice and drank the last of my whiskey, all of which I'd been saving for my Special Whupass Omelet for Special Whupass breakfast tomorrow.

That incited me somewhat, but I got distracted by his sparkling personality.

And then he did something to turn me insanely mad-like.

He referred to Jeff Fisher as "Mullet-Man!"


Nobody speaks poorly of The Greatest Coach On Earth, or His Haircut!

See, I wanted to fight. But I can't even pronounce Iowa, let alone find it on a map! So I decided to do the next best thing.

Mr. Neck has found something on this here internet. Something that he values very much.

I says to Mr. Neck: Let's Get It On!

Let's just say that the winner of tonight's football game gets to lay claim to something of supreme, ultimate and very good value.

You can see it will not be seen publicly. It is a fine and noble thing, but custom says it will not be shown for all to see....posted on the winning blogger's blog until after the game is decided.

But as you can see, it is a prize most coveted, and the winner will display it proudly, for all to see, and to do with as we please (heh heh heh) for the duration of the time between tonight's game, and the next time the Chiefs and Titans play the game of Football.

I accept the Challenge, Gooseneck.

Because, as the saying goes: To the winner goes the Llamas.


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