Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I've watched too much pro wrestling

I've watched too much pro wrestling

A signpost that says I've probably watched too much wrestling in my life:

My sister April is getting married. We've known this for a while, so this isn't necessarily the news. What we don't know, is when this whole thing's supposed to take place. We don't know. She doesn't know. Originally, the plan had been to get the deed done sometime right around this December, but her school, her and her fiance's jobs and their money situation factored into make their wedding day "someday," instead of December the umptieth. Maybe they'll do it like my folks did, and get themselves hitched in by a county justice somewhere, and be done with it.

In my journeys out and about this afternoon, I ran into a lady I've known most of my life. She is the mother of my friend Sam. I went to school with Sam from kindergarten to the twelfth grade. I went to church with Sam and his whole family. Sam's mom knows everybody in my family, and she was asking about everybody, and got around to asking about my sister's theoretical wedding.

Actually, here's what she said:

"So, when's Double A getting married?"

It took me a second.

I don't advertise it, but long-time, careful readers, and those I've talked with via e-mail, will know that my (and my sister's) last name is Acuff. Combine April with Acuff, and you get the reference of "Double A."

But that's not what immediate popped into my head.

See, when the name "Double A" showed up, my years of watching the squared circle fogged and clogged the lines of communication. See, to me, the only person I'd ever heard referred to was the heart and soul of the Four Horsemen, the Enforcer his own self, Arn Anderson.

Arn's the feller on the right, in the picture, along with tag partner and fellow Brain Buster and Horseman Tully Blanchard.

I got that she was referring to my sister after just a second.

I mean, it wasn't like was was completely flummoxed by being asked when a member of the Brainbusters was getting married. I wasn't frozen by the question whether I was privy to Arn Anderson's wedding plans. (Yes I was).

I got that I was being asked about my sister's wedding. After a second.

In the end, the answer was the same.

I don't know when my kid sister's getting married.

Just like I don't know when Arn Anderson's getting married.

All I know is that it looks like my sister just picked up a new nickname. She hates nicknames. Actually, that's not right. She hates my nicknames for her.

Now all I gotta learn to do is merge it into one word, and shout it any time I reference her, just like Ric Flair did when for Arn: "Doublay!"

Yep. I think I'm gonna talk about wrasslin' nonstop from here on out....


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