Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Price is Right Updates

The Price is Right Updates

It's weird that it's come up three times in the past couple of days, but the Price is Right updates I did once upon a time keep popping up. Somebody I knew once upon a time found the blog, and really liked them. I got an e-mail (my one per month quota has been reached) about them, and whether I'd start doing them again. And there's a Kansas City Chiefs discussion board where they came up. I figured it was Gooseneck who started that, but a feller whose board name is Psicosis started the linking from that direction...) I got a few hits off that site.

If you want to read them, go to the May 2004 archive, and just scroll through. There are a couple of weeks worth. I got a little bored of doing them, before too long. Actually, I think I might have gotten a little annoyed that people were coming just for that. I don't know. I'm the world's worst about looking a gift horse in the mouth....

I can't do them anymore. I've been working days again for about six months. And I like Price is Right, but not enough that I need to tape it. Because, honestly, if you've seen one episode of Price, you've seen them all. It's frat boys, old women, military folks and Samoans, all bidding on stuff they'd probably never need, all wanting desperately to hug Bob Barker and spin the Big Wheel.

Boop Boop Boop.

I just thought it weird that such a thing is what people remember this blog for. But then, there's not a real direction I steer this blog in, so I guess it's cool that somebody can point to something they liked. I write here mostly to amuse myself, and partly to drain the crazy from my brain. I guess what I'm saying is that it's cool that people like goofy shit like the Price is Right Updates.

One more last thought...the discussion thread on the Kansas City Chiefs board is "do you read blogs." And I think that the initial questioner was meaning more the news and polito-central blogs, as an alternative to getting your news from the newspapers or TV news outlets. And the response was my blog, representing the all the blog writing world to a few KC Chiefs fans.

For a brief, brief second, I was an appointed representative.

Actually, the questions was: "What kind of blogs are we talking about? BigStupidTommy's, or the livejournals of angst-filled teenage girls?"

Which actually just shows that the writer hasn't read between the lines of the blog closely enough. Although I don't use livejournal, I am actually at heart an angst-filled teenage girl.


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