Wednesday, April 06, 2005



It's way too early. It's been a whole week of way too early. And if current trends continue, it's gonna be a whole shitload of way too early. I've been getting up early to write for a while. I'll wake up before the sun, sit my ass in front of the computer, throw something loud into the CD player and hack away at it for an hour or two, until I have to start getting ready for real life.

I've been having to go into work earlier. We've changed some responsibilities around at work, and I get to come in early becasue of it. In order to keep writing, I've been getting up even earlier. Like crazy early. Like George Noory and Coast to Coast AM are still on, early. Combine that with the switch to Daylight Savings, and my body says its an hour earlier still.

Body: Dude, what are you doing getting out of bed?
Me: Gotta write.
Body: What? That fucking zombie story again? Go back to bed.
Me: Gotta do it. And it's not about zombies.
Body: Dude! You're the zombie. It's like 1:45 in the morning.
Me: No, it's 4:30.
Body: No, I'm telling you with the time change, and all the time zones, it's like 1:45 in the morning.
Me: What, are we on Pacific time?
Body: It's where they tape the Price is Right, isn't it?
Me: Huh?

I gotta find a way to write other than early in the morning. I like the early mornings, because I'm not disturbed. By other people, anyway. And my head's not mucked up by the detritus of the day's dealing's.

Plus, I'm going on like 5 hours sleep. Which may be enough for some of you, but I'm a pansy and feel like a frigging zombie after five days of this. So I don't write much, and what I do write isn't worth much. Tomorrow I'll sleep in, and we'll just holler at everyone not to bother me in the evening.


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