Sunday, April 17, 2005

Play Misty For Me

Play Misty For Me

Woke up early this morning, without intending to. Even on the day off, can’t sleep late. Even after getting in late.

It’s not super early. But I’d had visions of sleeping until 10. Didn’t work out that way.

Popped in one of the movies from Netflix that I’ve had sitting on top of the teevee for a week now.

Right after I saw Million Dollar Baby, I went through and added a what of Clint Eastwood’s directorial stuff I hadn’t seen into my queue. A couple of them have wandered up to the top, lately.

Got Play Misty For Me. A nice little suspense type flick, with Clint starring as DJ Dave, stalked by a crazed fan, who’s played scarily well by Jennifer Walter, who’s currently starring as the matriarch of the Bluth clan on a certain favorite teevee show of mine.

Like I said. A cool kinda suspense flick. Good, but not great. It tells the story it sets out to tell, which doesn’t sound like much, but so many flicks miss that boat. Clint’s movies, even at this early stage of his directorial career, have good focus in what they intend to do (although, this one has an overly long digression where a lot of the characters attend a jazz-type festival....seriously, it’s like a ten minute section. It’s almost like Clint said “we shot the footage on an off day, let’s jam it in there....”)

Lots of late 70's vibe to the movie.

Because I can’t be satisfied with things, I do have a couple more complaints about the flick.

At one point, when things between Clint’s DJ Dave and Jennifer Walter’s stalker Evelyn (Whoa! She almost has the word Evil in her name!) have swirled down the shitter, Dave has the nightmare where Annabel goes to stab him in the head with a butcher’s knife. It’s a dream most of us have had, right fellas? Well, DJ Dave is so shaken by the nightmare that he wanders around the house in his undies, making sure Jennifer Walter’s not there to stab him in the face (again, ain’t we all been there?).

But Clint does his reconnaissance in tightie whities. That’s lunacy of the highest order, my friends. I’d never in a bajillion years have figured Mr. Eastwood for a tightie whitey (2 spellings in the same paragraph) wearer. I’m thinking Clint would go either Boxers, or Commando before donning the briefs. I mean, that just lowers Clint a level or two on the coolness scale, doesn’t it? It’s very difficult to be tough while strolling your house in short shorts. If there somebody who could have done it, I would have thought it would be Clint. But I have been harshly disproven.

Maybe he did go commando, but for the sake of getting a viewable rating for their flick, he had to don whatever undies were available to him. Maybe he had to borrow them off a grip.

Clint (squint-eyed): I need your drawers.
Grip: What?
Clint: I need your underwear. To get a good rating.
Grip: Umm. Okay...
Clint: I'll give'em back when I'm done.
Grip: Uhhh...that's just keep'em.
Clint (pulls a gun): I said I'll give'em back. And you'll wear'em!
Grip: Yessir.


Maybe it’s because I’ve got Dirty Harry on the brain (and I’ve got it so bad I’m calling in sick tomorrow), but I tend to think a Clint character from the Dirty Harry era of movies might not be so believable to be stuck in this bind with a crazy stalker character. I mean, people gotta be asking themselves: “Why isn’t he just pulling out a gun and shooting her?”

To close:

The title “Play Misty For Me” comes from the fact that the stalker calls in to request the song “Misty” on Dave’s radio show.

It’s a good, easy title to throw into the title of a flick.

Harder to put into a title, but would perhaps make it easier to spot loonies, if they kept calling in to request such song:

The Name Game.

Play The Name Game For Me.

Just doesn’t have the same ring.

But if somebody kept calling into my radio show asking me to play “The Name Game,” they might be a little easier to spot, if I’m at a bar being tended by my directorial mentor.


Play Sloop John B For Me.
Play Nine to Five For Me.
Play Santa Claus is Coming to Town For Me
Play The Brady Bunch Theme For Me
Play North to Alaska For Me
Play The Battle Hymn of the Republic For Me
Play Where is Thumbkin For Me
Play The Oscar Meyer Weiner Song For Me
Play Spirit in the Sky For Me
Play the Live Version of Cheap Trick’s Surrender For Me
Play the short version of American Pie For Me
Play that Steve Martin King Tut song For Me
Play the Canadian National Anthem For Me
Play When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again For Me
Play the 1812 Overture For Me
Play Rapture For Me
Play Happy Birthday For Me
Play Somewhere Over the Rainbow For Me
Play Freebird For Me.
Play Michael’s Theme from The....


No Skynyrd.

Freebird!!! Play some Skynyrd!!!!!

No Skynyrd. No Freebird.....


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