Tuesday, April 12, 2005



A couple of quick thoughts, as I make myself late for work...

The water heater went haywire yesterday. It was a minor mess. Mostly I was relieved it didn't rupture and send scalding water onto me, or blow up while I was in the shower in the bathroom right next to the water heater.

The closest minor league baseball team, the Chattanooga Lookouts, begins their home season this week against the Cubs double A team. Gonna try to hit a couple of games.

Mark Prior starts today, as a collective Cub Nation sits a bit pensive watching. I keep thinking of the Ferris Bueller thing, where he talks about his friend Cameron...if you stuck a lump of coal up our collective asses, in a week you'd have a shitload of diamonds.

I won't lie. Prior's gonna have me on edge most of the season, I think. Part of me's yelling that there's no telling when that elbow's gonna fly apart. Another part of me puts me with John Kruk, who opined in this morning's Sportcenter that Mr. Prior needs to stop thinking of himself as an investment, suck it up and see what he can do pitching through some of that pain.

A brief wrasslin thought:

Okay, so Randy Orton was going in for surgery, right? Why not have new champ Batista completely squash him last week? I mean, it was a good showing for the champ. But let's have Batista completely crush him. Make him a total badass. You don't get much, I don't think, out of saying the Undertaker caused the injury. You get a good rub for your badass champ, though, if you say he completely annihilated Orton so badly he'll need time off.

Also: No surgery footage? There's nothing that makes me scurry from the room like a little girl like seeing one of those surgery shows on Discovery Channel. I don't need shoulder surgery footage on my pro wrasslin....

Okay. Let's go do this Tuesday thing....


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