Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Stupid is as Stupid Does

Stupid is as Stupid Does

The keys on the right hand? They're easy. The left hand? Not so much. I cut the Living Breathing Shit out of my hand at work today. Without consulting myself, I decided to serve myself up as an example of how not to cut something. Ignored the advice I've given several times, and had the blade slip and cut a nice 1" gash fairly deep in my left hand, right where the index finger meets the hand.

My E.R. Doc said "Eww" when he saw the cut.

The worst part was the hypodermic he used to numb the hand. I'm not a needle person. Never have been. My mom tells stories of the time I went with her for my little sister to get a shot. I was afraid of the needles for her, and I freaked. Then, my sister, all of a few months old, freaks. Then, my Mom freaks. And then the nurse, who was either sympathetic or was having a bad, bad day, freaked.

Anyway. No freaking with the needles. But I did look the other way when he pulled that bad boy out.

Four stiches. Not bad. Hand in a wrap. Kinda sucks. The dog thinks the hand smells very interesting.

I decided to chill out the rest of day. I picked up the Office Space special edition. I think I'll watch that.....


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