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Answering the question seen at Gut Rumbles....

How Do I Take My Hamburger?

I'm a pretty simple man with pretty simple tastes. If I'm just frying up something to eat, a quarter to a third of a pound of chuck, with American Cheese, tomato, onion, ketchup and Mayo (No Miracle Whip, gracias). A good dose of black pepper before you put everything on top of the patty.

The patty itself? I like it medium rare. Occasionally, the bloodlust'll get up, and I'll turn up the heat, burn it on the outside, leave it bloody pink on the inside.

I do that last one when it's just me. Other people either fear some manner of food poisoning, or just assume that I don't know what I'm doing when I make one of those.

I'll change things up. I've been known to wrap the hamburger itself around a pat of real butter, with a bit of garlic. I've added egg to the burger meat. Cooked onions with the burger meat.

As for toppings, sometimes I'll throw a thick hunk of sharp cheddar on top. A little pepper bacon, maybe. Sometimes, I'll like pickles, sometimes I won't, but they gotta be kosher dill. None of that bread n' butter sweet bullshit.

I've been known to throw a little pizza sauce, with some pepperoni and enough Mozzarella on top to constipate a mule.

On a grill? Bacon and provolone go well with the charcoal grill.

I'm also a fan of the bleu cheese and bacon burger.....

How about a nice hunk of swiss cheese and an even bigger hunk of portobello mushy?

Damn boy. That's good eatin'.


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