Monday, April 03, 2006

Opening Day Thoughts

Opening Day Thoughts

A couple prognostications for this coming baseball season:

Remember, these are based on little more than the pattern I saw in my Corn Flakes bowl this morning.

I think we'll have a perfect game this year.

I think somebody will throw one, and flirt with throwing Two no-hitters this year.

I'm thinking that if the coals of scrutiny get too hot, Barry Bonds hangs it up.

I think Mark Texeira has a Monster year.

I think the Brewers will surprise a lot of people.

The Yankees' starting staff shows its age.

Roger Clemens will pitch, but it will be his last year.

Carlos Zambrano has a monster year for the Cubbies. And Greg Maddux will win 15. I don't think Kerry Wood or Mark Prior will start 15 games. Maybe not even between them.

Divisional winners:

N.L. East: Atlanta (for their 483d consecutive title)
N.L. Central: Houston
N.L. West: Los Angeles
N.L. Wildcard: New York Mets (after fighting off the Brewers and Cardinals)

A.L. East: Boston
A.L. Central: Chicago White Sox
A.L. West: Anaheim
A.L. Wild Card: Oakland (Over the Indians, Blue Jays and Yankees)

World Series: White Sox over Dodgers, in 5

My figuration for the Cubs final record? They'll end up around .500. Dusty might not make it all the way through the year. Like I said, Prior and Wood will top out at 15 starts apiece, although there's a shot that that number may be a cumulative total between them. I think Big Z breaks out and wins 22, 24 games this year. I have no evidence to back up my speculation, but I think this might be the year. Mad Dog wins 15, and hangs them up.

Aramis Ramirez shows well, too. Derrek Lee's production falls off, and despite all intentions of having a couple table-setters at the top of the lineup, the Cubs still won't be able to manufacture runs.

Your N.L. MVP: Andruw Jones
N.L. Cy Young: Big Z

A.L. MVP: Mark Texiera
A.L. Cy Young: I dunno. How about Barry Zito?


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