Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Cell Phone Incident, and a word on Slither

A Cell Phone Incident, and a word on Slither

I'll start by saying that I enjoyed what I saw of the movie Slither. Enjoyable. Not going to break any new ground, but an enjoyable flick, nonetheless. Nice, violent. Amusing. What I needed, what with all the bullshit I've gone through at work lately.

I will say that theaters need umpires.

We had to pick the showing with the one girl who decided the "turn off cell phones" message didn't mean her. Phone rang three times in the movie. Wasn't a crowded show, but it was a small theater. All seven of us in attendance heard the phone. Sadly, all seven also got to watch me ask twice (politely, even) to turn the phone off or go outside. And all seven got to witness me stalking down the stairs, bringing a theater manager back.

The theater manager, of course, being what I found when I was looking for an axe, or perhaps a sledgehammer, or a loose popcorn kettle with which to bludgeon her to death.

Had to get a manager. That bugged me. I'm not the type to "get the manager." I like dealing with things person to person. Shit, I'm not even the type who'll raise a fuss...but this'll probably be my only day off this week. And then, when she refused the second time to turn the phone off, I had to leave the theater. It was that, or face prison time for pulling a cellphone user down the stairs and out of the theater by the hair.

My only regret is that the theater dude didn't have the balls to toss her and her kids.

Where's the umpire when you need one? Doug Edding would have tossed her in a heartbeat.

Don't some theaters have policies saying they'll toss you? Well, apparently this one didn't. Still, she wasn't a problem after the theater chief talked with her.

Yep. This weekend, Tommy Hatem People.


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